The great battle

Beginning there was a word….. nothing created that word…..and the word was nothing


ufff… why to worry on that, lets come to the point. Do you people have heart?? and brain too. If it is, then for which of them  you are giving more prominence. Heart?? or brain?? you may ask “hey bro wts this? both are organs and does there respective work”.  Then go and  dump your head somewhere. Here i am not saying materially, but acrostically.

Heart is always the master and brain its servant. But somehow or the other brain has managed itself to become the master.  All 800 crore people are acting on its command. Only in few  persons of the history, heart has regained its mastership,which made them to do some remarkable works. But surely, one or the other day heart will once again become the master in everyone of us.

Now at Present  Heart and brain are involved in a rigorous battle. One to retain and other to regain. Our body is nothing but a battle field. Brain is always on the winning side because it has some brains:). Heart continues to lose the battle, but it has never left the hope. The soldiers of the heart are Love, friendliness, compassion, belief, mercy, truth. The soldiers of the  brain are also the same but they are controlled by the strong commanders hatred, anger, ego, jealousy, lust, greed and many more. The army of brain is much more stronger than the army of heart. So, Brain continues to be the Emperor of the microcosm.

The reason for heart to lose from such a long period of time is that the heart has forgotten its brain.  Shudda chitta, the brain of heart. It is the source  of power for both. Long ago that shudda chiita has become polluted. that is the reason for the heart to lose its mastership. Now heart has to change its strategy. To win the battle, first it has to remember chitta and make it shudda again.

The Shudda chitta has become like a garbage. It is continuosly being polluted from millions and millions of years. It is the prime reason for the commanders of the brain. Heart should first clean it with its army, and the soldiers of the heart must reside in the chitta. Once it is done, the commanders of the brain will disappear, the army of the brain and the army of the heart becomes the same. Then automatically the battle stops, because there is no need of it,they have become one. Heart once again regains its mastership.

As soon as this happens, the army of heart starts conquering the entire universe. The seed of love will sprout, the plant of compassion grows with  friendliness its branches, mercy as flower, truth as its petals  and spreads the fragrance of purity to the entire world.


Now its the end of this article, But at every end there is a  new start.

I will be back soon with still more interesting topics and stories.

Thank you